2016's Sweetest Jams

Disclaimer: some of these songs came out before 2016

Disclaimer: some of these songs came out before 2016

I keep glancing over at my 2015 version of this...2016: new year, same realm of music exploration. No shame, I am a proud mom of this list because well, it is my music taste, so it can't really be wrong, right? I like what I like.

There is a Spotify playlist up containing all of these jams in the same order you see them listed here as well as a YouTube one in case you are a 90s kid and grew up loving music vids (MTV/VH1 shoutout). Or you have yet to subscribe to Spotify premium.

As always, I am on the hunt for new jams so send recommendations my way! I love checking out what people are into.


1. Oh My Stars | Andrew Belle

2. The One You'll Find | Shane & Shane

3. Wanted_You In August | Night Beds

4. Made Of Stone | Daughter

5. Cloudline | Joseph

6. Pulaski At Night | Andrew Bird

7. Up All Night | Best Coast

8. Vagabond | MisterWives

9. Where Love Dies | Mike Main & The Branches

10. I Am the Ocean | McAllister**


11. Brazil | Declan McKenna

12. Learning How to Love | Colony House

13. Ulysses | Josh Garrels

14. For The Team | Prelow

15. Ordinary | Copeland

16. Snack Attack | A Great Big Pile of Leaves

17. Bang Bang | 2 Talented

18. Bridges | Broods

19. Belly of the Deepest Love | Tow'rs

20. If It Wasn't For You | Various Cruelties

21. Rules | Nat & Alex Wolf

22. Suitcase | The New Electric Sound

23. Coffee | Sylvan Esso

24. Undercover Martyn | Two Door Cinema Club

25. Paper Mache Planes | Nova & the Experience

Honorable Mention: Just Kids | Mat Kearney

**not on YouTube playlist