Work in Progress


It has...been awhile.


I just made the mistake of looking at my clock, it is reading past 4AM. Oh well. I felt motivated to do some work on the site I have tossed to the side. There has been a "relaunch in the works" for probably about a year now. One thing or another has popped up every time and that has all delayed the "big moment." 

This site is not where I wanted it to be before I made it public again.

My new logo won't be ready for at least another month, still trying to figure out what videographer I want to hire for the loop video on my home page, starting to look through graphic designers and illustrators for some ideas I have in mind, the list goes on. We are looking at many more months of a locked site if I want to wait until it is "perfect."

Now, I know myself and am well aware that if I don't go ahead and make this public (no matter what it looks like) I am not going to feel pressured to get the above listed done.

The phrase "work in progress" has come up a lot in my daily life these last two weeks. I kind of dig it. My soul is vibing with the verbiage so why not let that reflect in my site! TKL: work in progress. I'm a fan.

If you have been here before, you know that the site already looks drastically different compared to the last site that was public under this name. What you are seeing now is achieving my (very) base design goal. Some of the old pages (ex. 'Sweet Jams') made the cut for this new look and others may come back later. I have also gone back and deleted most of my blog posts or made them private. Reading through some old posts had me cringing and I did not want to pass that on to y'all.

I have, as usual, now rambled. And this is all over the place.

Welcome back!

[Remain faithful, friends.]

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